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This Purim!


Show your support!


Send a  Mishloach Manot

(and a personal letter, too!)

to  IDF Soldiers

and the

Israel Border police! 

Last year, with the help of our partners and donors, we sent more than 9,000 Mishloach Manot to IDF soldiers from the North to the South of Israel!


This Year -

Help us reach 10,000 Soldiers!!

We can do it!

2022 Mishloach Manot-o-meter


8,000 Packages

6,000 Packages

4,000 Packages

2,000 Packages

10,000 Packages

Each year IYIM and its partners distribute 

thousands of Mishloach Manot & letters to soldiers

throughout Israel.​

Where do we go?

Everywhere! From the Lebanese border in the North,

all the way down to the Egyptian border in the South,

and coast to coast. 

Who do we reach?

Army   -   Navy   -   Air Force   -   Police 

Show YOUR appreciation Today!!


You can help Israel's Brave Defenders have an awesome Purim!

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The IYIM Mishloach Manot Campaign for the IDF and Israeli Police Force is run in partnership with ZOA - Brooklyn Branch, World Mizrachi & Yashar Lachayal